Late night

Today my day has been very, very awfully boring. I woke up at 5pm after the late night... I went to bed at about 4am. What i did? I made love with the internet ofc! 
Nono... i was actually trying to fix the blog a little, but it came out as a complete failure so i gave up and went with the flow. 
And today has been the same. Internet, food and sleep. And now i can really feel the summer vacation taking it's lead... How i know that?
Because my summer for the last 2 years has been a FOREVER ALONE SUMMER. I don't really spend time on friends during the vacation It mostly is because friends don't want to hang out with me OR they are somewhere else in the world. Ohwell, i always have 9GAG and my cat 

LIIV - vanlig men unik

varför vill dina vänner inte vara med dig för? :o Är det inte lite tråkigt att vara helt ensam på loven?

2012-06-19 12:13:52
LIIV - vanlig men unik

Sv: Okej, jag tänkte väl! Lät lite ensamt hehe. Tur det inte var så bokstavligt :)

2012-06-19 23:06:59
l i l l a i d a n [photo&daily]

Svar: Japp, det kan man väl säga att jag är ^^

2012-06-22 02:43:40
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